Principle Investigator

Picture of Prof. Maytal Caspary Toroker

Prof. Maytal Caspary Toroker


Graduate Students

Picture of Natav Yatom

Natav Yatom

Picture of Vicky Fidelsky

Vicky Fidelsky

Picture of Yuval Elbaz

Yuval Elbaz

Picture of Michael Nagli

Michael Nagli

Picture of Gabriela Stan Meleh

Gabriela Stan Meleh

Picture of Liora Eissenstat

Liora Eissenstat

Picture of Ester Korkus

Ester Korkus

Picture of Nadav Snir

Nadav Snir

Picture of Katelynn Daly

Katelynn Daly

visiting graduate student

Postdoctoral Fellows

Picture of Dr. Kapil Dhaka

Dr. Kapil Dhaka


Undergraduate Students

Picture of Yanay Tovi

Yanay Tovi

Undergraduate project 2018, Metal/Oxide interfaces
Picture of Mishelle Berezinsky

Mishelle Berezinsky

Undergraduate project 2018, Oxide catalysis

Alumni Students

Picture of Ofer Neufeld

Ofer Neufeld

MSc 2014-2016, material interfaces
Picture of Dr. Jérémie Zaffran

Dr. Jérémie Zaffran

Postdoctoral fellowship 2014-2017, oxide catalysis
Picture of Dr. Valeria Butera

Dr. Valeria Butera

Postdoctoral fellowship 2014-2015, oxide cluster models
Picture of Leora Shein

Leora Shein

Undergraduate project 2015, Metal/Oxide interfaces
Picture of Almog Reshef

Almog Reshef

Undergraduate project 2015, Metal/Oxide interfaces
Picture of Shelly Navon

Shelly Navon

Undergraduate project 2015, Fe2O3 oxide surface
Picture of Mahran Shehadé

Mahran Shehadé

Undergraduate project 2015, Oxide catalysis
Picture of Mila Volkov

Mila Volkov

Undergraduate project 2013: Empirical pair-potentials
Picture of Asaf Haddad

Asaf Haddad

Undergraduate project 2014: Computational codes in materials science
Picture of Amir Kleiner

Amir Kleiner

Undergraduate project 2014: Perovskite materials
Picture of Meir Dahan

Meir Dahan

Undergraduate project 2016, Fe2O3 catalysis
Picture of Chen Hareli

Chen Hareli

Undergraduate project 2016, Monte Carlo Simulations
Picture of Eran Aharon

Eran Aharon

Undergraduate project 2016, Fe2O3 catalysis